Stephen Saada

Development of a portfolio website

We built an architect portfolio website that scores 100/100 on Google Page Speed and is fully valid HTML5 / CSS3 according to W3C specifications.

The website content is fully dynamic and populated in Contentful.

Gatsby, graphql and React.js were leveraged to generate a static website at build time to improve performance.



  • Contentful Content Models definition

  • API implementation

  • Caching

Portfolio Engine

  • Dynamic portfolio data

  • Custom metadata, categorisation of content and filters

  • SEO optimisation


  • Perfect desktop speed score (100/100) on Google Page Speed

  • Close to perfect mobile speed score (>95) on Google Page Speed

  • Full HTML 5, CSS3 validation


Stephen Saada is an architect based in Paris.

The agency is specialised in retail, residential and the tertiary sector.


Gatsby, React, Contentful

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