Ethical Jewellery eCommerce Website

Kimaï is an ethical jewellery retailer that sells necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets made with lab grown diamonds.

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  • Shopify
  • Contentful
  • React

Services applied

  • eCommerce
  • Progressive Web App
  • Multiple Websites
  • Multiple Currencies
  • CMS

We built an eCommerce PWA for Kimaï with Shopify and Contentful.

The website is built with Shopify for the catalog, eCommerce features and checkout. and Contentful for the Content. The Frontend is a PWA built with Gatsby, React and Graphql.

The same codebase is used to populate three international websites with different currencies for the UK, the US and Europe.


  • Shopify Catalog and Collections Integration

  • Product Filters and Search

  • Custom Engraving

  • Coupon Codes and Checkout Integration

Content & Interactions

  • Dynamic content powered by custom content types in Contentful

  • Shopify catalog data enhancement

  • Animations and interactions - hero animation, page transitions, parallax, colour picker

Performance, Analytics & SEO

  • PWA optimised for mobile performance

  • Technical SEO optimisation for multiple domains

  • eCommerce conversion tracking with Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook pixels

Dynamic homepage hero with animated images.

Catalog with filters and dynamic colour picker.

Product details with image gallery, dynamic colour picker and zoom.

Dynamic content page with modular blocks including videos, images, text, and call to actions.

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