We develop softwares, APIs and applications.
Software Development

We develop softwares, APIs and applications.

We deliver robust software and web apps that scale.

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We are experienced software engineers

We have more than 10 years of experience in software engineering and development.


We release code as early and regularly as possible and follow Agile methodology to deliver projects efficiently and collaboratively.


Projects are organised in sprints of two weeks to one month and high level sprints are defined before starting the project. The content of each sprint is refined collaboratively during sprint planning sessions organised before starting each sprint.


At the end of each sprint, a demo is organised to present the features built and gather feedback.

Technical Design

We analyse the requirements and produce technical design documents taking into account the following elements:

  • Scalability

  • Performance

  • Flexibility

  • Maintainability

  • Security

Case Study - MFO

Case study


We have built a digital freight forwarding platform for an established international freight forwarder. The backend is built in Go and integrates with various third party services and API. The frontend is built in React to deliver an engaging user experience.


Our tech stack


We use robust and efficient technology stacks for our projects. The technologies we use include: Go, Node.js and AWS.


Node.js is a programming language designed to build scalable network applications.


Go is an open source programming language supported by Google that makes it easy to build simplereliable, and efficient software.


Our technology of choice for infrastructure is Amazon Web Services.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest cloud platforms. It is used by startups as well as large companies.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cost effective alternative to AWS. It is also easier to use and manage.

Platform partners

We use a modern technology stack and we partner with industry leading platforms.



Go is a modern open source programming language designed at Google to make it easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software.

What to expect when working with us

  • SlackShared slack channel for daily communication
  • CalendarWeekly or monthly calls to schedule the work
  • WhatsappWe are always available for urgent support

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Our Expertise

YYT delivers bespoke eCommerce experiences thanks to our technology expertise with the main eCommerce platforms, content management systems and marketing service providers.

How we can help

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    Designing and building a new site

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    New features development

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    Site speed and conversion rate optimisation

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    eCommerce strategy and marketing

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    Ongoing maintenance and support

YYT built our new Shopify website from scratch in only 2 months. We were impressed by their level of expertise and flexibility.
Jessica Warch
Jessica Warch
Co-Founder & CEO at Kimaï