Content Websites

We build Content Websites and Content Management Systems.

Discovery Phase

We start projects by spending some time to understand the specificity of the brand and of the content structure.

The discovery phase usually includes conversations around the following elements:

  • Content types and content structure

  • Built-in and Custom CMS features

  • SEO & Marketing

Development Workflow

Our development workflow is based on Agile methodologies. Our work is organised in sprints where we commit to deliver a pre-defined set of features.

This organisation allows us to deliver projects quickly while staying flexible.



Our technology of choice to build content websites is Contentful. We use it as a standalone platform for Content Websites as well as a Content Management System for the E-Commerce websites we develop.

Contentful is an API-first CMS (or headless CMS)

Using Contentful in conjunction with React and Node.js enables us to deliver modern digital experiences.

This approach has many benefits in terms of performance, SEO and User Experience.

Custom CMS Development

We build custom Content Management Systems and extend existing ones to deliver specific features.

Example of custom CMS and features that we built:

  • Custom site plan mapping management for a property developer website

  • Dishes and Recipe management for a kitchen management and meal planning software

  • Moderation system for a large-scale advertising campaign for a car company

Static Websites

We build Progressive Web Apps and static websites that enable us to achieve optimal performances.

Read our article about PWA to learn more.

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Analysis of requirements.
Production of technical design documents.



Production of wireframes.
UX & Interface design.



Responsive frontend integration.
Backend features development.