Magento Development

We are an Agile team of experts Magento developers with experience building large-scale e-commerce websites.


Magento is a robust and scalable platform that enables retailers to deliver highly customisable shopping experiences.

We are specialised in E-Commerce development and Magento 2 is one of the main platforms we work with for new e-commerce builds.


Our expertise with Magento covers the following solutions:

  • Magento 2 Community and Enterprise Edition

  • Magento Cloud

  • Magento 1 CE and EE

Main Features

Magento comes with the following main built-in features:

  • Catalog Management

  • Basket and Checkout

  • Promotions and Pricing

  • Payment

  • Shipping

  • Content Management

  • Customer accounts, customer groups and segments

  • Multi website, multi store and multi currency

The full list of Magento 2 features is available on Magento website.


When building a website with Magento 2, we leverage the core features provided by the platform and extend them or build additional features to fit the project requirements.

Our Approach

We have experience delivering large-scale e-commerce projects with Magento for retailers in the UK, the US and in Europe.

Projects built with Magento

Example of projects we built with the platform:

  • New builds or additional features for large-scale e-commerce websites

  • Large-scale subscription management system for an FMCG startup

  • ERP system for a top tier telecom company

  • Click & Collect

Example of features

Examples of features and custom modules we developed with Magento:

  • Advanced Configurable Products

  • SEO Optimisations

  • Custom A/B Testing framework

  • Facebook and Google Shopping feeds

  • Checkout customisation and performance optimisation

  • Single sign-on module to integrate with a third party website

  • Wishlist customisations

  • CMS customisations and widgets to build landing pages


We have experience integrating Magento with third party systems such as:

  • ERPs

  • Marketing automation systems

  • Salesforce

All the integrations we develop are built with performance and reliability in mind, using direct integrations (API calls) in conjunction with queuing systems (Amazon SQS or RabbitMQ).

E-Commerce Progressive Web Apps

We build next generation shopping experiences with Magento 2 and a Progressive Web App development approach.

Progressive Web Apps combine the best of the web and the mobile world to deliver fast, reliable and robust shopping experiences on desktop and mobile devices.

To learn more about Progressive Web Apps, read our case study on building an e-commerce Progressive Web App. You can also have a look at an example of an e-commerce PWA project in the Work section of our website.

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Analysis of requirements.
Production of technical design documents.



Production of wireframes.
UX & Interface design.



Responsive frontend integration.
Backend features development.

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