Ethical jewellery eCommerce

We built an eCommerce PWA for Kimaï with Shopify and Contentful.

Kimaï is an ethical jewellery retailer that sells necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets made with lab grown diamonds.

The website is a Progressive Web App built with Shopify for the catalog, eCommerce features and checkout; and Contentful for the content.

The same codebase is used to populate three international websites with different currencies for the UK, the US and Europe.


  • Shopify
  • Contentful
  • React


  • eCommerce
  • Multi websites
  • Multi currencies
  • CMS
  • Progressive Web App
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eCommerce Features


The website Catalog is managed in Shopify and rendered on the website in the Product Listing Pages and Product Details Pages.

Product Listing Pages

Custom product filters were implemented to filter the product by Category and Material. Sort options are used to sort the listings by Price or Release date.

Product Details Pages

A custom engraving feature allows customers to customise the front and the back of their product.


Shopify coupon codes have been implemented and can be applied at the basket level and in Shopify Checkout.

Content & Interactions

Content Management System

The website content is fully dynamic managed in Contentful via custom Content Models specifically defined for the needs of the project. Contentful is also used to provide additional information on the product pages.


An advanced layout system was built for the blog, enabling Kimaï team to publish articles with different layouts and content types such as interviews, images and other type of information specific to the jewellery industry and the brand.

Responsive Animations

Custom animations and interactions were developed specifically for desktop and mobile devices, including hero animation, page transitions, parallax effect and a product colour picker.

Performance & Marketing

PWA Optimised

The website is Progressive Web App optimised for desktop and mobile performance.

Technical SEO Optimisation

Technical SEO optimisations were performed to provide the maximum flexibility for the SEO team and to accommodate international websites across multiple domains.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook conversion tracking are used to track the conversions on the website.

Email Marketing

The newsletter and customer workflows are integrated with Klaviyo Email Marketing software.

Kimaï Diamond Setter

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