eCommerce Development for graze Online Shop

Graze is a snack company that sells subscription boxes and snacks via an online shop and retailers in the UK and the US.

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  • Magento 2 EE
  • LaunchDarkly
  • Algolia

Services applied

  • eCommerce
  • Performance
  • SEO

We participated in a large-scale e-commerce technology programme for Graze.

Graze was one of the first companies in the UK to release a Magento 2 Enterprise Edition project.

The e-commerce website is integrated with core micro-services built by the graze platform team.


  • Advanced catalog management and configuration

  • Checkout performance optimisation

  • Advanced shipping management and integration


  • Stress tests and performance tests with Gatling

  • A/B test framework based on LaunchDarkly feature flags

  • Implementation of Algolia API and search engine

SEO & Marketing

  • In-depth e-commerce SEO optimisation

  • Automated feed management with Google Shopping

  • Product feed for Facebook Ads

Catalog Management

Participated in defining and implementing the catalog structure of the online shop to sell snacks in different formats: multipacks, bags, punnets.

Graze snacks are available in different formats: multipacks, bags, punnets.

Search Engine Optimisation

Technical implementation of an in-depth SEO report for the online shop.

A/B Testing

Built an A/B test framework in Magento 2 EE leveraging LaunchDarkly feature flags API to test different versions of pages and release features gradually (canary releases).

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