Dundas London
Dundas London

Menswear fashion brand eCommerce

We created a next-generation shopping experience for Dundas London.

Dundas London is a fashion retailer that sells linen shirts.

The website is built with Magento 2 for the eCommerce features and Contentful for the content. The frontend is a progressive web app built with React and GraphQL.

This approach enabled us to create a reliable, fast and engaging user experience on desktop and mobile devices.


  • Magento 2
  • Contentful
  • React


  • Magento 2 development
  • Progressive web app
  • Shoppable Images
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Headless commerce with Magento 2

Headless commerce with Magento 2

Core Magento 2 features

The Progressive Web App is based on a Magento 2 Headless implementation leveraging native Magento features such as:

  • Catalog

  • Categories

  • Configurable Products

  • Cart Price Rules

  • Orders

Payment methods

Stripe and Paypal were implemented to process payments on the frontend.

Shoppable images

Shoppable images


For maximum flexibility all the content is managed in Contentful. The custom Content Types that we created include: blog articles, a discovery section, and dynamic content blocks across the website. Additional fields for each page were configured to provide autonomy on the core technical SEO elements such as the page title and meta description.

Shoppable images

One of the most exciting features that we developed for the website is the ability to generate shoppable images embedded in the the blog articles and discovery sections. Thanks to that feature, users can add a product to their basket while browsing blog articles. This is one of the advantages of the PWA approach for eCommerce: it gives us the flexibility to integrate the online shop and content sections seamlessly.

Progressive web app

Progressive web app

The website is a Progressive web app that delivers a fast and engaging user experience under all network conditions and across all device types (desktop, tablet, mobile etc). It delivers amazing results in terms of performance and a Google Lighthouse score greater than 90/100. This excellent result would not have been achievable with legacy eCommerce technology or using Magento 2 frontend.

Dundas Shoppable Image Selection
Shoppable Image

Users can add products to their basket from the news and discovery articles.

Dundas Shoppable Image Pop up
Shoppable Image Popup

Add to basket popup opened by clicking on a shirt from a news article image.

Dundas London website product listing page
Product listing page

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Jessica Warch
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